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    Post  Sirithre Leylnn on Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:07 pm

    I've noticed with what homework has already been turned in, that question two of the homework is more difficult than I thought it would be.

    I am not perfect nor unreasonable, so I wonder if -I- arranged my answer key incorrectly. I'd like to discuss sentence structure with you guys before submitting points for the homework that has already been turned in.

    If you have sent in homework or extra credit/received a grade for your homework prior to me posting this, you may discuss here your logic behind your answer to get your points.

    For those who have not yet submitted, I recommend reading through this and asking any questions you may have before submitting your assignment.

    Here is an excerpt from Lesson 1 regarding sentence structure.
    For example, the English sentence "That black cat ran away quickly." becomes "That cat black away ran quickly."

    Let's break it down individually.

    Demonstrative Pronoun: That
    Subject: Cat. The cat is the one doing the verb.
    Adjective: Black. Describing the subject.
    Object: Away. Object of the verb ran. That is where the subject is running to.
    Verb: Ran. What the subject is doing.
    Adverb: Quickly. How the subject is doing the verb.

    Be careful. The object could also have an adjective! It would come right after it, and before the verb.


    When referring to more than one of a subject, the number precedes the subject. But there is no plural form of a subject. Additionally, the demonstrative pronoun 'this' or 'that' is replaced by the number.

    Let's use another example:
    Three green frogs hopping through the tall grass

    Dem. Pronoun: None. But we have a number instead. Three.
    Subject: Frog. They are the ones doing the hopping, but there is no plural in parseltongue
    Adjective: Green. Describing the frog(s)
    Object: Grass. This is what the frog is hopping. It is what is receiving the action.
    Adjective: Tall. This is an adjective describing the grass. As warned, it goes between the object and verb.
    Verb: Hopping. This is what the frog(s) are doing. They are hopping. We haven't really discussed tense, so we can leave it as it is.
    Adverb: Through. This is HOW the frogs are hopping, rather than over the grass, on the grass, etc.

    Thus, this sentence would read:

    Three frog green grass tall hopping through.

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