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    Homework 1 Instructions - READ FIRST!

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    Homework 1 Instructions - READ FIRST! Empty Homework 1 Instructions - READ FIRST!

    Post  Sirithre Leylnn on Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:59 pm

    So you made it onto the forums! Great!

    Start a new thread in this section with your name as the title.
    Let us know who you are. What house you're in.

    Then answer one of the following: Why you decided to take this class. Why you want to learn Parseltongue. Or what you're looking forward to learning the most.

    Doing this will earn you 5 points towards your homework assignment.

    Then, take a moment to comment on at least one other person's thread.
    Agree with their reasoning for learning Parseltongue. Tell them how awesome their avatar/sig is. Doesn't matter. Just be friendly. Get to know each other. Smile
    This will earn you the other 5 points!

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