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    Homework 2 Instructions - READ FIRST

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    Homework 2 Instructions - READ FIRST

    Post  Sirithre Leylnn on Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:16 pm

    Remember, there are two parts to this discussion assignment!

    I asked Basil to describe a few more images, and you are to help translate his responses.

    Part 1: Pick one word from Basil's responses that was not in the lesson. Start a new thread in the this section of the forum, and explain what you think that word means and why.

    Part 2: Comment on someone else's thread, as to whether or not you agree with what they chose to translate their word as. You should comment on a thread translating a word different from the one you chose.

    Here are the images and Basil's descriptions of them:
    Image 1: 'Fasi kapi ara girou tira hiʃe sobne.'
    Image 2: 'Isi vris vera dati tira raʃi sobne.'
    Image 3: 'Fasi dros bira agiro keraʃe athne'

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