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    Extra Credit 2 Instructions - READ FIRST

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    Extra Credit 2 Instructions - READ FIRST  Empty Extra Credit 2 Instructions - READ FIRST

    Post  Sirithre Leylnn on Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:33 pm

    This extra credit requires creativity!
    There are no right or wrong answers, really.

    Talk with the class snakes. If you're brave enough to go down to the dungeons (or happen to be in Slytherin), you can even talk to Basil, the Slytherin House pet Basilisk.

    Like the critical thinking questions in the homework assignment, you can choose to show the snakes an image, then decipher their response. Make sure you check the discussion boards for what words have already been discovered, to help you on your search.

    To get full points, you must find a noun no one else in the class has discovered.

    You must start your own thread in this forum, and post the word you discovered, what it means, and how you discovered this word. If you showed the snake a picture, post it with your discussion, and tell us what the snake responded, and the logic you used to figure out what the word means.

    If you used another method, let us know how you did it!

    Feel free to also comment on your classmate's work. It's not required, but it's NICE. Besides, keep in mind that the words your class discovered will covered in Lesson 4, and TESTED ON in the final. So it might be a good idea to get to know them. Smile

    Clarification: Yes, you are essentially making up a word. Just make sure it uses the sounds available in parseltongue, and doesn't end in ʃ (interrogative pronouns), na (adjectives), or ne (advebs).

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